Reasons for Becoming a Member

Tri-County holds regular meetings on the first and third Wednesday, each month. Our meetings are open to the public, and we encourage anyone interested in becoming a member to drop by to these meetings. Meetings are held at the Riverview Fire Dept. They start at 7:30PM. You can join the group at any time of the year as we conduct training through all four seasons.

There are probably as many reasons for becoming a Tri-County member, as there are members. The team offers an avenue to contribute to your community, help others who may be in danger or difficulty, learn new woods lore techniques, develop leadership skills, experience the wilderness, and enjoy the camaraderie of working with a wide cross-section of people.

We do ask quite a bit from our members, but people's lives depend on our skills and abilities, so we work hard at what we do.

Basic Requirements

To be a Regular Member as a searcher you must:

  • be at least eighteen years of age,
  • be physically fit
  • be concerned for the welfare of others
  • hold a valid standard first aid certificate from St. John Ambulance or Red Cross, as well as a CPR "C" certification.
  • Experience is not essential. We will train you in everything you need to know.

As a community based group with responsibilities mandated by the Province, we have regulations. As a member of Tri-County Ground Search and Rescue, you will be expected to adhere to these regulations as laid down by the Group’s by-laws.

Tri-County Is Completely Volunteer

No member receives payment for services rendered. Any member who is found using his membership for personal gain or profit may be dismissed.

Confidentiality of Information

Because of the nature of our operations, information gained within the group is confidential and often sensitive. Members must keep this information in the strictest confidence. Communication of Tri-County information to outside individuals and/or to the media is the exclusive responsibility of the Executive.

Personal Equipment

While the Group maintains equipment for the effective operation of searches, members are responsible for their own personal equipment, e.g. appropriate clothing and camping gear. A list of suggested and required personal equipment is available on request.

Regular Meetings and Training

The group presently has a regular meeting on the first and third Wednesday of each month. The meetings, which start at 19:30 hrs, are held at the Riverview Fire & Rescue Station, 650 Pinewood Road, Riverview. (side entrance for training room)

Approximately ten times each year, we hold daylong training exercises somewhere within the Tri-Country area of Albert, Westmorland and Kent Counties. Members are expected to attend at least 50% of all functions. We ask a lot from our members but the community we serve deserves the best.

Applications for Membership

The first step is to come to one of our regular meetings and  talk with some members to get a better idea of what we do and what we will expect from you as a member of the team. If you are still interested in joining, we will ask you to:

  • complete an membership application.
  • authorize a security background check by the local RCMP.
  • pay a $30 non-refundable membership application fee. You will then be provided with a Call-Out Qualified Training Manual.

Within one month, you will be asked to complete a written test on the material presented in the training manual. If you successfully pass the written test, you will be invited to a day-long field exercise, where you will get a real taste of our field operations.

It is important for a perspective member to have a very clear understanding of the commitment required to become a members of a Search and Rescue team.

If you would like more information on membership, please contact us.

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