The legal authority of the board derives ultimately from being elected by its members, and the responsibility of the board is to act as agent for them. The board should keep members adequately informed so they can monitor and evaluate performance and approve material changes. In reporting to members the board is obligated to communicate to the fullest extent possible.

The Board of Directors operates by delegating certain of its responsibilities to management and reserving certain powers to itself. Its principal duties fall into the following categories:

  • Overseeing and approving a strategy for the business.
  • Selection of management.
  • Setting goals and standards for management, monitoring their performance, and taking corrective action where necessary
  • Approving policies and procedures for implementing the strategy.
  • Reporting to the members on the performance of the business.
  • Approval and completion of routine legal requirements.

The Board of Directors for Tri-County Ground Search and Rescue Group Inc. (TCGSAR) is elected from the general membership at the Annual General Meeting and is comprised of nine directors, and the Executive Search Manager who serves as an advisor to the Board.

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