Our Operating Budget

Tri-County’s annual operating budget exceeds $10,000. Our expenses are for the operation and maintenance of our mobile command post and equipment trailer, maintenance and acquisition of search equipment, communications and training

Our Capital Assets

The team’s equipment has a replacement value of $75,000. This includes the current mobile command post and equipment trailer, communications equipment, medical equipment, basic search equipment and a full suite of high angle rescue equipment./P>


Our capital and operating requirements are covered by volunteer fund-raising and community contributions. When we are activated by a police force, we recover only our direct operating expenses, but not our readiness, capital, overhead and training expenses.

Provincial Funding

Provincial funding for Ground Search and Rescue has historically been approximately $20,000 to be shared by the provincial association and the 12 individual teams. This funding does not, however, address the capital requirements of the various teams.

In recent years, the sum allotted TCGSAR has been in the vicinity of $1,000 per year.

And Most Importantly, Our Member Contributions

The contributions of the members themselves are significant.

In addition to approximately $500- $1,000 in personal gear required to fully outfit oneself, (don't panic - this much investment is not necessary in the beginning!) members must train extensively and continuously. This is over and above responding to an average of 10-15 operations each year.

Members are required to attend at least 50% of our training sessions. These take place at least two evenings each month plus a full-scale training exercise is normally scheduled one weekend each month. This is in addition to first aid and first responder medical, technical and specialty team training.

Operating a 60-member SAR team with over $10,000 in operating expenses also requires considerable time for administration and direction. There are over 25 members who fill various administrative and support positions within the team. This commitment is in addition to the regular, ongoing training and approximately 1,500 hours of actual operations per year

Our members are in a constant state of readiness for calls at any time of day or night. Their quick response could be the deciding factor in the recovery of a lost person or the recovery of a casualty.

Cost of Service

TCGSAR recovers from the local RCMP only the cost of expenses such as mileage and meals for its members.

It is estimated that volunteer provincial search and rescue teams save the province $4.2 million per year in addition to freeing up policing resources that can be utilized elsewhere.

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