Professional Services

Perhaps your organization is such that you can offer assistance which relates to your area of expertise. We would be happy to discuss the ways in which you might be able to help.


Perhaps you may wish to donate the proceeds from an in-house fundraising event such as barbeque, bake sale or prize draw.

Many companies are now raising funds for charities on ‘Casual Fridays’ or ‘Jeans Days’ by suggesting the contribution of a ‘loonie’ or ‘toonie’ for the privilege of ‘Dressing Down’. Several have made the decision to include TCGSAR in their sponsorship list.

Equipment Purchase or Donation

If you are interested in assisting with our equipment needs, we would be happy to speak to you in detail about our immediate requirements.

Encourage Employee Membership

We are always seeking new members. TCGSAR offers an excellent opportunity to serve the community and at the same time gain valuable training and experience in such skills such as:

  • Map and Compass Navigation
  • Search Techniques
  • Slope Access & High Angle Rescue Training
  • Radio Communications
  • First Aid and First Responder
  • Tracking
  • Survival Techniques
  • Wilderness & Winter Camping
  • Leadership & Teamwork

Becoming a member of a search and rescue team is an excellent means to improve confidence levels and is also an opportunity to meet interesting new people! Click here for more information on Becoming A Member

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