2010 Membership Recogntion Awards

Left: Jacques Schofield recieves the President's Award from Cedric Mallais.

Right: Robert Searle accepts the Dedication and Initiative Award (previously the Searcher of the Year Award) from Executive Search Manager Dawn Chase. 

Tri-County presented its annual recognition awards during the Christmas Diner held on 05 DEC.

President's Award 

The President's Award is given in recognition of exceptional contribution to the adminstration and readiness activites of the team. 

This year's President's Award was award to Jacques Schofield, Vice-President for Operational Readiness. The President's Award is During the past year, Jacques has tirelessly worked on ensuring the Team's equipment is always in perfect operational order. In addition to the maintenance of the existing equipment, Jacques has also designed and constructed many new pieces of equipment to secure the additional technology system the Team has installed.

Dedication and Initiative Award 

The Dedication and Initiative Award (previously known as Searcher of the Year) is new for  in 2010. The award is presented  in recognition of a member's outstanding contribution to the operational effectiveness of the Team.

This year's receipient is Robert Searle, known to the team for his constant care of the Command Post and other equipment, his outstanding record of search attendance, hours of work on the Operational Policy Committee and special care and concern for orienting new members. Bob is a previous Searcher of the Year award reciepient (1995) in addition to having served the team as President and Executive Search Manager. 

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