President's Award 2013




RCMP Volunteer Awards 2013

2012 Annual Christmas Dinner/25th Anniversary Celebration

The team was pleased to have a number of special speakers/presenters this year.  Each speaker offered us some kind and thoughtful words—highlighted by the Honourable Sue Stultz recounting a story of how she was lost when she was 6-years old. Superintendent Snowman continued the tradition of presenting the RCMP Volunteer Years of Service Certificates and Pins to:  Christopher Steeves for 25 years’ service; Joseph LaBelle for 15 years’ service; Jacques Schofield for 10 years’ service; Aimee Gallie for 5 years’ service.





















Our president, Dawn Chase presented Christopher Steeves with a decorative brass compass in recognition of his 25 years of continuous service with Tri-County Ground Search and Rescue. Congratulations Chris!












Other awards given were: 10 year crest to Jacques Schofield; Life Membership awards to Patrick Carr and Raoul LeBlanc; Dedication and Initiative Award to Robert Shannon; and President's Award to Duane Miller.

Recognition Awards - Long Service

From Left to Right: Duane Miller (10 years service), Marie Beaudry-RCMP Dist#11, Robert Searle (Dedication and Initiative Award), Darren Meredith (20 years service), Jacques Schofield (President Award), Richard Foran (15 years service), Pat Carr (10 years service), Rosemonde Gilmore (10 years service), Debbie Carr (10 years service), Josiane Girouard (10 years service), Howard Horsmen (10 years service), Craig Winsor (10 years service), Cedric Mallais (10 years service), Jamie Melanson-RCMP Dist#5, Marlene Snowman-RCMP Dist#5.

Tri-County presented its annual awards, RCMP Volunteer Service Recognition awards, and 10 year service crests to members during the annual Christmas Diner on 05 December.

Members having completed 10 years of service earn the right to display a special team crest that features gold stitching instead of the white stitching of the regular team logo. Congratulations to all the award winner. Special thanks as well to Cpl Beaudry, Sgt. Melanson and Insp. Snowman for joining us for supper and for presenting the RCMP volunteer awards.

2010 Membership Recogntion Awards

Left: Jacques Schofield recieves the President's Award from Cedric Mallais.

Right: Robert Searle accepts the Dedication and Initiative Award (previously the Searcher of the Year Award) from Executive Search Manager Dawn Chase. 

Tri-County presented its annual recognition awards during the Christmas Diner held on 05 DEC.

President's Award 

The President's Award is given in recognition of exceptional contribution to the adminstration and readiness activites of the team. 

This year's President's Award was award to Jacques Schofield, Vice-President for Operational Readiness. The President's Award is During the past year, Jacques has tirelessly worked on ensuring the Team's equipment is always in perfect operational order. In addition to the maintenance of the existing equipment, Jacques has also designed and constructed many new pieces of equipment to secure the additional technology system the Team has installed.

Dedication and Initiative Award 

The Dedication and Initiative Award (previously known as Searcher of the Year) is new for  in 2010. The award is presented  in recognition of a member's outstanding contribution to the operational effectiveness of the Team.

This year's receipient is Robert Searle, known to the team for his constant care of the Command Post and other equipment, his outstanding record of search attendance, hours of work on the Operational Policy Committee and special care and concern for orienting new members. Bob is a previous Searcher of the Year award reciepient (1995) in addition to having served the team as President and Executive Search Manager. 

Christmas 2009

Searcher of the Year 1209President Award 1209









 This year’s Christmas party included the handing out of the President’s award to Keith Whelen (pictured bottom) and the Searcher of the Year award to Norman Deschamps (pictured top), congratulations!

Many thanks to Stella Walker and her assistants for organizing the successful event again this year and to those who brought a few extra refreshments for all to enjoy.

2008 Annual Awards

Tri-County presented its annual awards during our Christmas dinner on 07 DEC. Pictured here are Stella Walker, recipient of the President's Award - President Cedric Mallais presenting, and Dawn Chase, recipient of the Searcher of the Year Award - Vice-President Eldon Gilmore presenting.

The President's Award is presented in recognition of the member making the most significant contribution to the operational effectiveness of the Team. Stella was recognized for her role as team treasurer, and for the many extra roles and responsibilities she has undertaken during the year.

The Searcher of the Year award is presented annually to the member having made an exceptional contribution to the team's operational performance in the field during searches. Dawn was recognized for her strong contribution to the overhead team during actual search operations during the year.

Presentation to J LaBelle

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Headquarters Staff of the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR), we thank Joseph LaBelle for the dedication he has shown to our educational and certification programs. He was awarded this jacket for his tireless efforts of teaching more than 100 students the Managing the Lost Person Incident class. Its people like Joseph that further the nation in search and rescue education. We thank him for all that he does for SAR and NASAR.

Dedication and Initiative Award


This is an annual award made to a member in good standing of Tri-County Ground Search and Rescue in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the operational effectiveness of the group. 

Selection Committee

A selection committee, comprised of not less than 5 of the current members who have previously received the award, will meet and make a recommendation to the executive on who the recipient should be. 


All regular members not having received the award within the previous 5 years, and of good standing, may be considered. Names will be submitted by the membership by the 31st of October. This award will be given, should a suitable candidate be selected, at the annual Christmas Dinner, or at some

other occasion as close to the end of the calendar year. 


The selection criteria shall be:     

Participation (in order of importance) at:                            

1. Operational searches.                 

2. Regular and special training.                                

3. Regular meetings.                                

4. In Committees.                           

5. Other events.                       


1. Positive attitude.                                 

2.  Role model to other members.                                 

3. Mentoring of new members.                                 

4. Willingness to learn.                                 

5. Constructive criticism and participation in decisions.

Past recipients of the award (up until November 25, 2009, known as the “Searcher of the Year Award”)         

2010 Rpbert Searle 

2009 Norm Deschamps

2008 Dawn Chase 

2007 Jacques Schofield 

2006 Duane Miller

2005 Darren Meredith

2004 Eldon Gilmore

2003 Howard Horsman 

2002 Bill Searle

2001 Verna Poirier  

2000 Richard Foran 

1999 Joseph LaBelle

1998 Sharon Murphy

1997 Raoul LeBlanc

1996 Charlie Austin

1995 Robert Searle

1994. Hector Frenette

1993 Chris Steeves