Super Shelter

Team member Mark-Andre demonstrates his super shelter and fire during a day long training Jan 26 2019.

Riverview GPS Training


Members of Tri-County spent the day on Saturday in Riverview familiarizing themselves with the trail system on the West side of the Mill Creek Reservoir and Dam. They also took the opportunity to review their GPS navigation skills to build a map of the trail system.


24 members participated in a navigation exercise on sept 29. Pictured above are members reviewing their track coordinates. This training is specifically designed to strengthen members map, compass and pace counting, no GPS’s were used to navigate to 10 control points spread over a 1.5 km area.

St Joseph Search

Members of Tri-County are viewed here after cleaning up the staging area of a search that lasted throughout the night on Sept 5 and 6. 27 members responded to assist in a search for a 13 year old who was reported missing in the Bouctouche area. The subject was located successfully in the early morning hours of Sept 6 in a wooded area. Many thanks to all those responding and especially those who still had a full days work ahead of them with little to no sleep.

CQ Aug 2018

Tri-County now has three new members Call-Out Qualified and ready for the challenge of our next callout... Congratulations to all and many thanks to members who helped out on training day.

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