Presidents message

 One more year has passed us by with 18 call outs; we have worked harder this year than any other year that I have been with the team. The hard work and training done by our training officer, search managers and duty managers has helped many subjects find their way home. My hat is off to them and you all for your assistance and dedication.On behalf of your Executive I’d like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas and have a very Safe and Happy New-year.

Cedric Mallais

No more lives torn apart,
that wars will never start,
and time will heal our hearts.
Every man will have a friend,
that right will always win,
and love will never end.
This is my grown-up Christmas List.

New Awning

  Thanks to Jacques our equipment trailer now has a new awning.

      The picture above shows members of Tri-County SAR, during our most recent event, assembling the new awning which was donated by our VP of Operations, Jacques: From left to right; Craig, Jacques, Ian, Aldeo, Norman, (VP External Resources) Eldon, Rosemonde. Many thanks to Jacques for his donation.

Albert County Amble a Success












The Albert County Amble was a great success with most participants visiting all 8 points of interest, having climbed roughly an accumulated 700 meters of hills throughout the day and as many as 14km or more of trails and bush! The weather cooperated providing a great day for hiking with few bugs and perfect hiking temperatures. Thanks to Howard and all who helped set up and coordinate this event, and a special thanks to the cook (Bobl), who had many hungry hikers to feed (see above picture)


Albert County Amble

Come and join us for an amble through the Albert County country-side. This event is meant to be fun, build camaraderie, and test your navigational skills, common sense, and powers of deduction. We’ll even award points for various things you many find along your trek.   You will be formed up into teams of 2 – 4, depending on numbers, for safety and camaraderie. Each team will have a different start point, but all teams will, if all goes well, end up at the same finish point. Maps will be provided that show elevations and other topographical details so you can follow along on paper as well as in the great outdoors.There will be other MGRS reference points given to you that are optional to visit, but bonus points will be awarded if you do visit them and correctly answer the “skill testing questions” you will find there.Albert County has rolling hills/mountains, valleys, and nice vistas due to the elevation. Much of the forest is deciduous and, thus, more open underneath, but with wonderful shade from mid-day sun.Make sure you have good boots, fly spray, and hat...your regular field kit for 6-8 hours/8-12km walk in the woods... This is not iron-man stuff, but it will be a challenge.We will provide food at the end of the day, but fell free to bring along snacks and liquid refreshments as well.

Click here for more details and directions brochure or go to the document library Documents->Training

How can SAR knot be fun?


TCGSAR members were practicing knots, slope descent and slope ascent techniques in Irishtown Nature Park on June 20, 2009.

Proper technique is important, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun while learning.

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