Successful Search - Adams Pool

02 JUL 2011, Moncton- Tri-County completed a successful search operation at Adam's Pool in the Bald Mountain area of Northumberland County.  On July 2nd, Tri-County was activated by the Sunny Corner detachment of RCMP District #6, to locate an overdue angler. The gentleman has been dropped at a trail head along this allotted section of Crown Reserve on July 1st at 1030. When he was not at the appointed pickup location that evening, his fishing companions alerted police. Tri-County arrived on scene at 0720 on July 2 and located the angler walking south along the main access road.

The gentleman had walked from the access road to the river and had started his fishing trip walking down stream. After a certain distance, the river he was following merged with another river branch, creating a large swampy area. In trying to navigate around the flooded area, he became disoriented.  He tried to reorient himself until dusk, when he settled in for the evening. At sun up, he reoriented himself towards the east, where he knew he would find the access road and walked out. 
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