Tri-County Activated for Gorge Road Search

Tri-County was activated by Codiac Regional RCMP on September 13th at 20:53 to locate two Atlantic Baptist University students. Seventeen Tri-County members, Codiac Regional RCMP and the RCMP Police Dog Services responded to the call for assitance.

The subjects, two 18 year-old students, had gone for a walk in the woods to the east of the campus, became disoriented and were over taken by darkness. Fortunately, the had a cell phone with them and contacted 911 for assistance.

In addition to having the cell phone, the two students stayed put at one place and responded energetically to searchers as soon as they heard them. Their loud responses to searcher's air horn calls allowed the Cpl Korotkov and his dog Lex to locate the subjects just as searchers approached.

Both students were released at 23:14 and the CP returned to base at 00:30 in September 14th.

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