Tri-County Activated for Albert County Search

At 18:17, January 02, 2008, Tri-County was contacted by District 11 RCMP and activated to assist in locating a snowmobiler in difficulty in Albert. The gentleman's snowmobile had become stuck on a trail and he was attempting to walk out, but was starting to get cold. He was in cellular phone contact with the RCMP dispatch center in Fredericton.

The first challenge was attempting to find open roads to a point near the presumed location. As the area where the subject might be located remained somewhat ill-defined, Tri-County activated only a limited number of initial responders (11 in all) from the Initial Response call out list.

At 2045, while the CP was still en route to the area, Tri-County was advised the subject had been located in good condition. The team was stood down.

This search again highlights the need to be prepared to respond at any time of day or night, regardless of the weather.


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